Our Values

Our Standards

We are committed to upholding a high level of service to ensure our platform makes a positive contribution to the marketplace, and to engage in continuous improvement.

We Believe in the Power of Good

We recognize the importance of positive incremental changes in our everyday lives, which, when combined, lead to substantial transformations on a global scale.

We Encourage Free Will With Transparency and Accountability

Our platform allows users to rank companies, products and services, and also lets businesses respond, maintaining control over their information by being part of the conversation.

We Support Equal Access

Regardless of size, businesses have equal access to all our features and users. From the individual entrepreneur to the largest multinational, GreenPages Directory offers a power of depth and scale to bring about important changes to the sustainable marketplace.

Giving Back

Being on the leading edge takes commitment and dedication. In support of our community of conscientious innovators and entrepreneurs, we donate 10% of our advertising space to help these emerging companies introduce themselves to the marketplace.