Our Role

We fill a need...

FOR PEOPLE who are looking for socially-conscious, green solutions to their purchasing needs that will contribute to a clean, ecologically-friendly way of life.

Research indicates that over 76% of consumers agree it is important for companies to be mindful of their impact on the world, and 61% admit they would purchase more sustainable goods and services if they had the information and resources to do so (Natural Marketing Institute).

FOR BUSINESSES that recognize the need to improve their social performance, reduce their waste and energy consumption, and make efficient use of resources to green their supply chain, and those that seek to improve their procurement processes.

Research indicates that even when companies engage in sustainable practices, they may have difficulty connecting to consumers in a meaningful way. A recent study shows that 80% of North American consumers wish companies would do a better job helping them understand the environmental terms they use and 90% will stop buying a product if they feel misled by environmental claims (Cone Trend Tracker).