Frequently Asked Questions

Directory Listing FAQs

What is a GreenPages Directory Listing Account?

A GreenPages Directory Listing Account allows you to list your business or organization and communicate your environmental and social commitments, geographic location, certifications, standards, charitable activities and quantifiable benefits. As a registered listing, you are automatically a subscriber to our Community channel.

What are the benefits?

Listing with GreenPages Directory confirms your commitment to foster, measure or improve your social and environmental performance, and furthers this commitment by reducing paper production and delivery expenses. Your presence on GreenPages Directory communicates your commitment to a targeted marketplace and provides the platform that connects you directly with your customers.

Who needs an account?

Businesses and organizations that meet our criteria should sign up for a listing account on the GreenPages Directory. An account is not required to search the directory, but you need to be a subscriber to write a review or rate directory listings.

How do we know if we belong in your directory?

It's about progression not perfection. You belong on GreenPages Directory if you are committed to fostering, measuring or improving social and environmental performance.

How do I create a GreenPages Directory Listing Account?

Just by clicking here or “JOIN DIRECTORY” from the home page top menu and follow the instructions to select the plan that suits your business.

Can I list my company for free?

YES. Click here to get started. The free listing showcases your basic business information in the category of your choice and allows you to display a certification related to your business for extended business search.

What are the other account options?

In addition to the free listing, you can choose from our enhanced listing options - Advanced, Premium and Corporate listings, click here to view all options. Enhanced listings provide an extended level of exposure and preferential placement within the browse and search functions as compared to free listings, as well as allowing you to include your website link and logo.

Can I upgrade my free listing later?

Absolutely. You may upgrade your free listing at any time by logging into your account and choosing “MODIFY LISTING TYPE” from the top menu, Choose New Plan and click Upgrade Now.

I see there is already an account set up for our Company. How do we claim our listing?

  1. If you have your account login information (username/email address and password), go to login page to login. Click on Claim This Listing to claim it. Review/edit your profile and click submit to finish the process.
  2. If you forgot your password, reset password to receive a temporary one to login to your account (follow step “A” to claim your listing).
  3. If you don’t have either the username or password, click on Claim This Listing within your listing page. Fill up the required information, read and agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use and click on CLAIM LISTING tab to submit your request. We will send you an email for instruction to finish claiming your listing.

I can't remember my password?

Easy. Just key in your Login Email/Username and click on Forgot Your Password? To reset your password, you will be asked for your registered email address which we will use to send you a temporary password to enable you to access your listing profile.

Can I contact a company directly?

YES. If a listing updated their profile with a contact email, clicking on an email icon on a company listing page will deliver a secure message directly.

I have multiple locations. What do I do?

Only Advanced, Premium and Corporate listings can list multiple locations by editing their profile and selecting “LOCATIONS” from the top menu.

I provide services internationally. Will I still be found?

YES. Users have the option to view only local results or search without distance limitations. Although the majority of our listings are from North America at this time, we are building a global database listing companies from all over the world. Choosing from our comprehensive variety of Listing Types helps end-users filter results.

How do I purchase a banner ad?

Signing up for your free or enhanced listing is the first step in the advertising process. Click on ADVERTISE from the home page top menu, choose Banner Specifications to view banner size and finally click on Get Started Today to purchase.

Are there restrictions on ad content?

Ads must not contain nudity or illegal content. GreenPages Directory reserves the right to refuse or restrict any ad we believe inappropriate or distasteful. Click here to read our Terms of Use.

How do I leave feedback for a seller?

You must be a Directory or Community subscriber to leave comment.

What are the privacy and security terms?

Please refer to our Privacy Policy page for a complete list or by clicking here.

How do I manage my information profile?

Login to your listing with your username and password and choose an option from the top menu to edit your profile.

How do I add my social media accounts to my profile page?

Login to your listing with your username and password, choose PROFILE from the top menu/Social Media & Ticker from the Directory Profile page to show available SM options.

What are ratings and reviews and what are the benefits?

Ratings and reviews are a way to share opinions and provide comments on any GreenPages Directory listing. By providing a rating and writing a review on any of our directory listings you provide feedback to companies in a public forum which helps them understand concerns and opinions of their audience while keeping them accountable.

How do I respond to a review?

If you have a listing and want to be notified when comments are posted on your profile, make sure to check “Notify via email when listing profile has been reviewed/commented on?” When signing up. Once a comment has been written for your listing, you will receive email notification stating that “A new comment/review has been posted on your listing”. You must login to respond to comment/review. GreenPages Directory reserves the right to refuse or restrict posting any comment/review we believe inappropriate or distasteful. We encourage members to reply to positive and constructive reviews on their business.

Community FAQs

How do I become a subscriber?

Subscribers are able to create a profile, comment on articles posted in the community, comment on and/or rate products, services and companies listed in the directory. You are a conscientious consumer with an interest in sharing your knowledge and opinions in a meaningful and respectful manner. To become a subscriber, click on JOIN COMMUNITY from the top menu “OR” click here to go straight to the sign up page.

How do I submit an article to the GreenPages Directory community blog?

First, you have to be a business directory member or a subscriber. Once you are a registered user, login to your account and apply to become a writer. Your application will be reviewed and upon approval, you will be notified to login to account to submit article. Submitted articles will be reviewed and the author will be notified. Approved articles will be published in the GreenPages Directory Community section.

How do I ensure my articles are posted under our organization name?

Login to your business directory account and apply to become a writer. Once your writer application is approved, your posts will be listed under your business name as an author.

Can I add more than one article?

Yes! We invite accepted organizations and bloggers to write as many articles as they wish and use our community as a distribution point for all future content.  Content must be original or writers can provide a summary of an existing article with a link to the original.

Can more than one individual submit articles for one organization?

Yes, for identity verification purposes, only the login account associated with your organization’s username will display your organization as the author name. However, individuals from the same organization can sign up to GreenPages Directory in the community tab and author an article under their name, mentioning their affiliation with their organization of choice.

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