ZEOX Corporation

OUR MISSION - To utilize innovative science and technology to create advanced zeolite products and applications. ZEOX Corporation is engaged in the development, procurement, processing and distribution of high performance zeolites, for use in environmental remediation markets in Canada, the United States and internationally. ZEOX will continue to be a creative innovator, research centre, and reliable supplier for new technologies utilizing specialty zeolites as functional minerals, catalysts and molecular sieves. The key competitive advantage for ZEOX is the unique attributes of a non-metallic industrial mineral known as Chabazite, a high purity, high performance member of the zeolite mineral species. Chabazite has unique molecular properties that provide a natural source of catalysts and molecular sieves well suited for environmental and industrial applications. ZEOX Corporation is a Canadian public company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol ZOX.




6459 Mack Road
Peachland, British Columbia
Canada V0H 1X8
Phone: (250) 767-0343
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