VERT Solar Finance, LLC

VERT Solar Finance exists to reinvent energy. We are changing the world by enabling leaders to develop solar projects. We share our financing solutions to speed the completion of solar projects with the aim of driving our nation, and the world, towards profitable environmentally conscious investments. We are a complete financing solution for Developers, EPCs, Solar Technology Providers and Project Hosts in North America. We are a solar investment company with over 100 years of experience in structured finance, private equity and renewable energy development. We have developed over 1200 MWs of renewable energy projects and have funded over $2.0 billion of energy projects. We understand the pains first-hand that our clients face when trying to complete their projects. As a result, we have built this company to be your single source of financing, by providing a Complete Financing Package, and by sharing a suite of solutions tailored for the mid-sized solar market.





100-12 Greenway Plaza
Houston, Texas
USA 77046
Phone: (713) 222-8378
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