Twincraft Soap

Twincraft was founded in 1972 by twin brothers Bob and Dave Asch and has been a successful business for over 40 years. Today it continues as a privately held company owned by brothers Pete and Richard Asch (sons of Bob Asch). Located in Vermont, Twincraft produces over 110,000,000 bars of specialty soap each year. New this year Twincraft also offers private label premium liquid soap formulations. This includes hand soaps, foams and shower gels. Innovation is truly what sets Twincraft apart from other bar soap manufacturers. We dedicate 100% of our resources towards optimizing our formulas and streamlining our manufacturing processes. Our innovation is extensive and includes globally sourced ingredients, proprietary liquid and bar soap bases, customized production equipment and visually and technically superior formulations.





2 Tigan Street
Winooski, Vermont
USA 05404
Phone: (802) 655-2200
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