Seyeon Company, Ltd.

Seyeon technology provides various type of products and software to help customer easily build up remote video monitoring and surveillance system over the TCP/IP network. Products being provided can be categorized as follow. - Video transmission hardware(Network camera and video server) - Network DVR(Digital Video Recording) Software - Video storage hardware - Audio solution FlexWATCHª Network Camera and video server series are all stand-alone video transmission system to deliver crystal clear real time live video over the TCP/IP network. FlexWATCHª System has a built-in web server that enable you to view live video through standard web browser such as MSIE or Netscape Navigator. Once you connect the FlexWATCHª System to the existing network such as LAN, Cable modem, DSL and assign IP address, you can view remote site from anywhere anytime through web browser without any viewing software.




404, Gayang Techno Town, 217, Heojun-ro, Gangseo-gu,
Korea, Republic Of 07531
Phone: 8 222 192 6800
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