Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bakery

It wasn’t long after our humble beginnings in Boulder, Colorado before Rudi’s fresh, organic breads quickly stood out in the sea of sameness that was the bread aisle. Our delicious baked goods were being gobbled up by the community not just for their wholesomeness and taste, but also for the local flavour that was baked into every batch. It was the biggest innovation in bread, since…well, sliced bread. Our passion for baking better breads the right way is alive and well today. Just over 30 years later in April 2008, Rudi’s breads and baked good were introduced in Canada and spread like wildfire. While our products are still bakes in the states, we take extra care to provide the same wholesome, natural products to our friends in the North! In 2010, we started on our gluten-free journey. For years, people were asking us to bake gluten-free breads that are as delicious and wholesome as our organic lines. As bakers who enjoy creating high quality, delicious bread, we immediately understood the desire of our new friends with celiac disease or gluten intolerance to enjoy the simple pleasure of a piece of toast with breakfast or a sandwich for lunch. It became our mission to make gluten-free bread with the taste, look and feel of regular bread. We worked long and hard with the help of many fabulous people who provided invaluable insight and counsel. We tested more than 100 formulas and finally landed on a recipe that we believe tastes, looks and feels like regular bread. Plus, sticking to our heritage, all of our gluten-free breads are made with only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients. For over 36 years we’ve been making the lives of families healthier & happier simply by baking their small batch breads a brighter way. Our organic and gluten free breads bring health, optimism, and a little fun not only to our families, but to families everywhere. We hope you enjoy our organic and gluten free breads as much as we enjoy creating them. Give each loaf a try and remember to always live on the bright side! For those of you that have missed bread, we’ve missed you too! Now you can enjoy bread that tastes like real bread, because it is real bread. Not even your toaster can tell the difference.





3300 Walnut Street
Boulder, Colorado
USA 80301
Phone: (877) 293-0876
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