PAX Water Technologies

PAX Water Technologies, a subsidiary of PAX Scientific, was founded in 2006 with the exclusive right to develop and market energy-efficient mixing systems based on PAX Scientific’s impeller technology for potable water applications. Inventor Jay Harman developed this mixing technology after years of studying efficiency of fluid flow in natural systems, such as air and ocean currents, and observing that fluids consistently organize along streamlines with a common, scalable spiral geometry. PAX Water’s first product, a highly effective mixer for potable water storage tanks, was designed by combining this biomimetic approach with state-of-the-art engineering, computational fluid dynamics modeling and rigorous testing. The company is actively developing new products that facilitate sustainable management of high quality drinking water. Vision: We are committed to creating a world where high-quality drinking water is sustainably produced, efficiently distributed, and universally valued as a life-giving foundation for healthy communities. Water operators perform a tremendous public good for millions of people every day and should have access to a range of innovative tools that empower them to deliver safe and consistent drinking water to their communities. Mission: Our mission is to deliver innovative, durable and elegant water quality solutions, inspired by nature and backed by science, to our partners and the communities they serve.





860 Harbour Way South
Richmond, California
USA 94804
Phone: (866) 729-6493
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