Original Moxie, LLC

Original Moxie is a different kind of hair care company - one with a strong commitment to Cruelty Free & Eco-Friendly Practices, Natural Ingredients, and a unique Diagnostic Approach. We could talk all day about this stuff, but, since we don't want to bore you, you can click the links below to find out more about our biggest obsessions. Finally, hair care for the rest of us! Original Moxie is, first and foremost, about real people just like you not models or glossy fashion magazines. Of course those things are fine and dandy in their own right, but they don't have much to do with creating hair products that actually work. That's why, right from the start, we decided to do things differently. From our highly concentrated products to our Moxie Minis Program, we believe that less is more, particularly if it helps to minimize post-consumer waste. We also strive to keep our internally-produced waste to a minimum. Whenever possible, we purchase tools and supplies that can be re-used without sacrificing hygiene and quality. All paper, plastic and glass that cannot be re-used is responsibly recycled. We realize that our impact on the environment doesn't stop at our doors. The containers in which we package our products are made of #1/PET or #2/HDPE Plastic, and accepted by most curbside recycling programs. We recycle or re-use the boxes and packing material that are shipped to us and utilize boxes with a high recycled content to ship our products to our customers. All of our retail customers receive their orders in USPS Priority Mail boxes, which have been awarded Cradle to Cradle Certification? for their ecologically-intelligent design.





P.O. Box 980667
Ypsilanti, Michigan
USA 48198
Phone: (734) 480-8096
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