Mini Greeny Mea Gea, Ltd.

4 elements, 4 sides of the world, the 4 seasons ... it seems like the ideal number. We just took so long to launch this web store that is only the first frame in our mosaic of ideas that are waiting for their realization. We are so different that we could only connect something magnetic abilities. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, family, parenting ... connect us so hard that we had no doubt about how we, will we be able, when we all get, exactly what we want. We knew, as we have many times before some of our important life moments shared between themselves, this time we want to share and business moments. So we began to slowly build our little oasis, our new small virtual home. The home in which easily take care of the welfare of children, mothers and parents, and our mother nature full of gratitude we respond, leaving the smallest possible ecological footprint. In MiniGreeny online store we prefer organic products, products that promote natural choices in pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood, as well as products that take care of our health, our wellbeing and the planet we share. We prioritize everything is "green." Our MiniGreeny is a place we want to build in our and your needs, offering only what they themselves believe, they would themselves have chosen for our children and for us.




Glavna ulica 15b, HR10360 Sesvete
Grad Zagreb
Phone: 385 97 718 2494
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