Lovely Lady Products

In a world where individuals and consumer groups have concerns over the purity of the products they consume, our mission is to provide certainty when it comes to your choice of personal care products. By offering unique organic body care formulations handcrafted through eco-friendly practices and the use of premium quality ingredients, we feel the loveliness will shine through us to you. No dyes, no synthetic perfumes or fragrances, no colors, no phthalates, no parabens, no sulfates, no petroleum, no artificial preservatives, no propylene glycol, no SLS and no wheat or gluten in our body care products. No compromises. Lovely is as lovely does. Lovely Lady Products joined forces with the Sustainable Living Association (SLA) to educate people and communities on how to make healthy sustainable choices. We are proud to state that the Rocky Mountain chapter (RMSLA) has itself helped over 65,000 people evolve in terms of living a more sustainable lifestyle through educational programs dating back to year 2000. We plan to continue doing our part and hope that by visiting their website, you will find it a worthy cause. The Earth, the air we breathe, and the people we share the planet with; definitely worthy causes. Lovely Lady Products.true, honest, certified organic and natural ingredients with an emphasis on sustainable and fair trade A organic body care brand you can trust. Now thats lovely.





501A-1001 East Harmony Road
Fort Collins, Colorado
USA 80525
Phone: (866) 453-4870
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