LifeSource Water Systems, Inc.

LifeSource Water Systems has been manufacturing and distributing environmentally friendly water treatment products for residential, commercial and industrial applications since 1984. Made in Pasadena, CA, LifeSource Systems are tested and certified and are the longest lasting, maintenance free water systems available. LifeSource Water Systemsâ?? specializations include salt-less water conditioning as well as whole house water filtration to purify every sink faucet, water line and shower throughout an entire home or complex. Clean water provides immediate benefits to hair, skin and health. LifeSource Water System commercial and industrial products are designed to treat municipal water for hotels, medical and dental offices, bottlers and packagers, schools and universities, gyms and health clubs as well as multi-unit condominium complexes. Our company philosophy is centered on awareness and safety of environmentally-conscious and cost-effective treatment systems for producing filtered water in its more pure and natural state.





523 South Fair Oaks Avenue
Pasadena, California
USA 91105
Phone: (888) 994-3796
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