Koyo Industry, Inc.

koyo Industry is a premier distributor of Industrial, Health&Safety, Electrical,office supply, and adhesives used for production in Aerospace, Communication, Computer, Fabrication, Industrial Equipment, Automotive & Marine,Transportation, Woodworking, and Engineering Industries. We strive to be our customers’ sole supplier of Industrial products by being an online presence, providing exceptional service with the best pricing possible. We offer industrial leading web service which will streamline your purchasing and supply chain operations. These services can lower your purchasing, receiving, and accounting costs drastically while allowing you to concentrate on more important job functions. Whether your company uses an MRP, Kan Ban, or Just-In-Time methods, Koyo Industry, can integrate a value added program to save your company time and money. Most importantly, we understand that your needs are specific to your organization and we do our best to meet your unique requirements.




14051 Hope Street
Garden Grove, California
USA 92843
Phone: (888) 873-5696