HEADS UP. Not heads down. At Keilhauer, we create furniture to support people while they are engaging with othersÉconversing, meeting, conferencing, collaborating. Our products support and challenge existing routines and rituals. Mobile and modern with technology accommodation, we concentrate on heads up situations, not heads down working situations. We maintain our leadership in sustainability by constantly creating fresh corporate initiatives and outperforming environmental standards. We believe that good business and long term success is measured by the Triple Bottom Line. This means we harmoniously look after our people, our environment and our economic success. To make sure this belief would be woven into our company consciousness, we introduced a comprehensive Sustainability Program called Planet Keilhauer. This program is a priority for all of our employees because we all share this planet and we believe it is everyoneÕs responsibility to look after it. We, at Keilhauer, are committed to doing our part.





1450 Birchmount Road
Toronto, Ontario
Phone: (416) 759-5665
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