Jasper Desk Company, Inc.

Actually, by the time this 1889 photo was taken, the woodcraftsmen at Jasper Desk had already been producing top quality wood office furniture for over 13 years. Back then, as today, the durability, strength, and our legacy built over years of service were the hallmarks of our quality furniture. Today, the broad selection of Jasper Desk office furniture and office seating is a response to the discriminating architectural and design requirements of our customers. Our wide variety of styling, edge details, hardware selection, finish choices and more, reflect our commitment to quality construction and to serving our customer's needs. Besides our full line of wood office furniture, special products and custom furniture have become part of our reputation at Jasper Desk as well. If you can think of it, we can build it for you. In our ever-changing world, there are few things that remain constant. Our commitment to you is the same as it's been for the past 138 years... to give our customers the best design, functionality, quality and value in American Made office furniture. Jasper Desk Company... all you need to know about quality wood office furniture. Jasper Desk takes pride in being part of our community. We are concerned about our environment around us and make a concentrated effort to be good stewards of our lands. We burn in our boilers all of our wood-waste, as well as take waste from other local companies to keep it from going into the landfill. We use this heat for process and building envelope applications. Jasper Desk is in full compliance with EPA and IDEM requirements. The finish materials that we use are designed to have low VOC emissions. We also have a downdraft finish booth that eliminates the amount of chemicals that escape the spray booth and forces the air to use the filtration system. We continually look for ways to improve our manufacturing processes that would make Jasper Desk more environmental friendly. The longevity and durability that we design and manufacture in to our office furniture products allow their use for many years.





501 East 6th Street
Jasper, Indiana
USA 47546
Phone: (812) 482-4132
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