Innovative Organics

Founded in 1990, Innovative Organics is an industry leader in the development of environmentally friendly process coolants, lubricants, abrasive slurries and cleaners. A dedication to offering effective, high quality formulas is evident in our continuous introduction of new products to a diverse range of industries. In 1999, Innovative Organics was acquired by Saint-Gobain (Norton) and this rapidly enhanced our ability to develop and introduce new, biodegradable chemical and abrasive products to the marketplace. Additionally, we have expanded our products and services to a wider range of industries across the globe including HDD (Hard Disk Drive-GMR/TMR Recording Heads and Disk Media), Semiconductor, Optics/Electro-Optics, MEMS/Nano-Tech, Aerospace, Metals and Ceramics. Innovative Organics' team of research & development chemists and technical support staff work together to provide synergistic products for the machining and cleaning of metals, ceramics, crystals, glasses and virtually all solid materials. The center of our business is a 36,000 square foot state-of-the art product development and production facility located in Anaheim, California. With regional sales offices and technical staff in the USA, Europe and SE Asia, our customers' manufacturing operations are supported with leading edge, precision consumables and comprehensive technical advice. The addition of Innovative Organics Malaysia's new 11,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Penang, in 2008, now provides our SE Asian customers with a local manufacturing center for precision coolants, lubricants and cleaners.





4905 E Hunter Avenue
Anaheim, California
USA 92807
Phone: (714) 701-3900
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