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  • Green Tick Certification Limited is the world's first independent sustainability certification agency. Green Tick - The Ultimate Ecolabel. The Green Tick Certification system was invented by New Zealanders, so that the world can know what products and services are truly sustainable. We are a totally independent, New Zealand-based company of independent scientists and engineers. We have developed Green Tick ourselves out of our own pockets. We have not used one cent of government or industry funding, and so we have no connection or liability with any company or government. We are science-based. Our certifications are based on a 'cradle to grave' life cycle assessment (LCA), in accordance with international consumer authority requirements that 'green claims' be backed by LCA. This way, manufacturers prove to consumers that their products are truly sustainable, by showing them the whole picture, not just part of it.


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    47 Miro Street, Otaki 5512, P.O. Box 52
    New Zealand 5254
    Phone: 6 427 663 0100
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