Green Babies Inc.

Green Babies, Inc. is a New York state corporation founded in 1994, to develop, manufacture and market environmentally friendly products and to provide consumers with natural choices that are sustainable, have a minimal environmental footprint and are made with fair wage labor. We know that baby is a most welcomed member of the family. And whether her arrival brings your family’s total number to two or six, life with a young child in the house changes everything, so it really helps, to have some help. We kept this in mind when developing our Green Babies Standards. We want to provide a trusted place where you don’t have to guess if what you’re choosing for baby is safe. We begin with the presupposition that the health, safety and wellbeing of your baby is of the utmost importance. Our philosophy is that natural is better. We believe prudence is the wisest guideline when it comes to babies and children because it can sometimes take years for the effects of questionable chemicals and ingredients to come to light. So, though we welcome meaningful innovation, we also strive to embrace products that are tried and true because our first criteria is proven safety. In addition to this, we make an effort to consider the big picture of any products that we carry because we also recognize that baby lives in this one world that we all inhabit. Therefore, we want to help you ensure baby’s surroundings are healthy and environmentally sound, in part because of the safe products we offer for him. Every item we bring to market has been reviewed and approved by an advisory panel of parents and caregivers for its usefulness and efficacy. We aspire to think sustainably; Who made the product? Under what conditions? How useful is it? How far did it travel? What will happen to it when I’m done? Any or all of these questions may be applied when we’re considering products to offer for your child.




28 Spring Street
Tarrytown, New York
USA 10591
Phone: (800) 603-7508
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