Garmon chemicals

We are a product-led, customer-focused chemical company that has been on the market for over 30 years. We are market leader in the research & development of chemical auxiliaries and innovative solutions for fashion effects and garment wet processing. We define the category in which we compete. Through profits with principles, we are committed to make a difference in the markets in which we operate. Since the early ’80s and sometimes in partnership with key international manufacturers, our expertise translates into relevant, high-quality, distinctive apparel products that look and feel fantastic. Ultimately, we provide apparel Brands with the confidence they need to pursue their programs and to surprise and delight their own customers. Through our extensive network, we manufacture, market and support in all strategic textile areas worldwide. We are a global innovator and pioneer.





Strada Acquasalata 7 D/E
San Marino 47899
Phone: 378 0549 954711
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