FM Environmental, Ltd.

FM Environmental Ltd. is an ISO 9001 Quality Assured company that specialises in the design, manufacture, installation, servicing and operation of pumping and wastewater treatment equipment. We currently have 45 employees with an annual turnover of €8.8m. The company has been trading since 1988 and has carried out a wide range of pumping and wastewater treatment projects both in Ireland and throughout the world. We have an in-house mechanical, electrical and process engineering capability enabling it to provide the complete package for on-site pumping and wastewater treatment. The Company also partners with specialist UK and European process companies for projects where specific process designs are required. FM Environmental’s main expertise lies in its process design and mechanical and electrical experience. The company has provided process designs for municipal and industrial wastewater applications in Ireland and overseas. This has ranged from conventional activated sludge and biofiltration processes on many Local Authority projects to SBR technology, contact stabilisation, membrane bio-reactors and other processes for specific applications.





Greenbank Industrial Estate, Ballinacraig Way Newry
Phone: 44 28 302 66616
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