Fichtner GmbH & Co. KG

Founded in 1922 by Martin Fichtner, Fichtner is developed since then by a first operating regionally engineering firm to Germany's leading independent planning and consulting firm of international standing. The Fichtner Group, with its subsidiaries and associated companies has, over 1600 employees worldwide. The headquarters in Stuttgart in employment, including more than 500, mostly experienced engineers, economists and consultants of various disciplines. For public and private infrastructure service provider with a focus on supply and disposal industry, we provide a comprehensive interdisciplinary range of consulting services are available. This combination of technical planning and consulting, as required in carrying out major projects with traditional management consulting services is unique. The company is managed by a management that contributes to its chairman overall responsibility for the company. Board of Supervisors of the management is an elected by the shareholders Advisory Board, consisting of well-known people, who supervises the management and advises on all important matters of business policy and corporate planning and support.





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