Exitcom Recycling GmbH

Exitcom is the first company providing services in the field of recovery of waste electric and electronic equipment (WEEE). Exitcom enhanced its expertise and leading role as a result of projects and investments it has carried out since 2002 and it successfully participated in many large-scale projects in its operations in Turkey which were launched in 2003. Providing services at two main locations, including Hannover, Germany and Kocaeli, Turkey, the company offers integrated solutions and consulting services in the fields of e-waste, environmental technologies, reverse supply chain management. Our Mission: Exitcom has undertaken a mission to conserve our limited natural resources and to create value added for our national economy through its products based on 100% customer satisfaction, its R&D department which constantly improves its methods, and its high awareness on the environment. As one of the leading companies in recycling and recycling technologies which conducts its business in accordance with ?nternational ISO standards and integrated management systems, Exitcom intends to become one of the top European companies in its field while achieving its goal to ensure that people live in a healthy and clean environment that they deserve.





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Phone: 49 05132 824 999
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