Time and again throughout my personal and professional journey, and central to evo's success, it all comes down to one word, one theme: balance. Inevitably, when one goal, ambition, activity or focus drives all of the decisions and where energy is spent, balance falls by the wayside. Elements that enhance your health, happiness and/or "success," however defined, are sacrificed when the narrow focus takes over. Professional achievement at the expense of family and personal relationships, and short-term benefit that jeapordizes sustainable, financial health, are only two examples of the many trade-offs that we face on a daily basis. I have struggled with the above, and a long list of other competing values, each wanting to have my cake and eat it too. Traveling, chasing winters, growing a company, starting a family, jumping into new opportunities, and the building of strong relationships throughout these endeavors can coexist, but finding the balance in all this can make for a moving target. Were very excited to team up with Carbonfund.org to offer our customers the opportunity to have their products shipped CarbonFree. This is the first time weve reached out to our customers to involve them in evos environmental commitment. Our goal is to raise awareness about how easy and effective carbon offsetting can be, raise money for Carbonfund.org and pave the way for other companies to offer carbon offsetting. We hope that our customers not only take this opportunity to offset their carbon emissions, but also spread the word about the options people have to green up their lives.





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