Envision Technology Marketing Group, Inc.

ETMG creates and manages marketing communications collateral and sales tools that help you connect your technology products, services, and solutions with the people who need themyour customers! At ETMG, we offer ways to get your message and story out through technology writing, editing, print production, web production, interactive media, design services, and project management. You choose the services you needeither together, or a la carte. ETMG, a virtual marketing agency, partnered with Carbonfund.org to offset their carbon footprint in an effort to neutralize the impact their operations have on the environment. Further, ETMG will donate 500 pounds of carbon credits through Carbonfund.org, for every new purchase order opened by a client. ETMG chose to partner with Carbonfund.org after careful research, based on the high impact green causes Carbonfund.org supports, and the success the foundation has had creating momentum around environmental issues. Taking care of our environment has become part of our central mission to provide a unique and affordable service offering to our clients. Our ability to leverage cutting-edge technology for all our communications and operational needs is a tribute to our clients, and the incredible products they develop, and showcases the possibilities of a new era of conservation.





1066 Mitchell Court
San Jose, California
USA 95128
Phone: (866) 275-3864
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