Innovative, efficient and on-trend, the egridSMART team was established to consolidate over 50 years of combined knowledge and expertise in the areas of industrial energy solutions and information technology. As the Global Adjustment cost allocation is determined through only five hours each year, egridMANAGE web-based dashboard provides notification service alerts your energy management team days in advance of an imminent peak hour, enabling the accurate scheduling of a reduction in electricity use down to a single hour. With the Global Adjustment Settlement is responsible for over half of your energy bill cost, having the ability to foresee when these peak events will occur gives your business the opportunity to proactively mitigatewill enable the ability to significantly reduce your electricity bills; a benefit measured by millions of dollars in energy savings.

Social Commitment

To facilitate, through innovative and forward-thinking concepts, solutions to mitigate the high cost of energy for commercial and industrial companies. By harnessing the expertise of our highly skilled, multi-disciplined engineering team, egridSMART is committed to designing and delivering scalable energy solutions that provide economic, socioeconomic and environmental benefits without compromise.

Environmental Commitment

Our goal is to provide innovative and practical solutions that yield environmental benefits while contributing to the long-term prosperity of our clients. By instilling environmental responsibility and reducing environmental liabilities as part of our corporate values, we can help make a difference for our planet for future generations. Our efforts are aligned in reducing inefficient electricity generation and consumption. We focus on improving ineffective technological processes and mitigating





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