DermaMed Solutions

DermaMed Solutions helps spa owners, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other skincare and medical professionals expand their practices to include additional services. Entrepreneur Roger Parkin founded our company in 1998. Inspiration came when an aesthetician suggested he develop a quieter microdermabrasion machine. The result was MegaPeel. Besides being quieter than similar devices, our microdermabrasion system was smaller, was easier to use and reduced troublesome vibrations. In our business, we strive to continuously do better and find new ways of packaging or promoting products that are ecologically friendly. Of course we recycle, but have also been looking at new ways of packaging our products. We have been looking at alternative supply sources, and attempt to buy products that are environmentally friendly when at all possible. DermaMed Solutions chose to partner with because we wish we could do more. Finding alternative ways to accomplish sustainabilitly is not always logistically and financially feasible. is a great way to make a difference. We are happy is here to help!





394 Parkmount Road, P.O. Box 198
Lenni, Pennsylvania
USA 19052
Phone: (610) 358-4447
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