Colored Organicsâ?¢

Colored Organicsâ?¢ offers sweatshop free 100% organic cotton clothing in a variety of unique styles and colors. Our products are made using naturally hypoallergenic fabrics grown without herbicides or pesticides and adhere to the highest global quality standards. The results are non-toxic clothing that is both sustainably and ethically produced. Colored Organicsâ?¢ gives you the opportunity to "Know What You Wearâ?¢" and "Shop With Purposeâ?¢". Our mission is to offer the highest quality organic products at an affordable price produced using ethical business practices, fair labor standards and eco-conscious manufacturing methods. We believe in educating our customer about the ecological and health related benefits of choosing "organic". Through that education, they may gain a higher level of satisfaction knowing what they wear and understanding our purpose.





P.O. Box 19230
Minneapolis, Minnesota
USA 55419
Phone: (866) 709-2326
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