cocokind is an organic skincare line centered around virgin coconut oil. Our products use only the most pure ingredients, and are dedicated to providing long lasting moisture that is free from chemicals. In fact, each one of our ingredients stand alone as powerful nutrient sources for our skin. We do not add any preservatives or chemicals. We donÕt even add any water! What you see is what you get. Most commercial skincare moisturizers contain lists of chemicals, parabens, and are water-based. Well, guess what? Those ingredients suck your skin in and actually dry you out. At cocokind, we donÕt need any buffers. Our base ingredient Ð organic virgin coconut oil Ð not only provides deep and long lasting moisture, but it also delivers key antioxidants. It is not just an ends to a means, it is real skin nutrition. Learn more about the benefits of coconut oil and our other ingredients here. We believe in delivering a skincare line that is not only effective and good for you, but also good for the world. As a socially conscious company, we donate proceeds to give clean water, meals, and books to children in need all over the world. Equally important and necessary, we give our time to these children. We remind ourselves, our friends and family, and our customers that everyone can help change the world Ð one small effort at a time.





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