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  • Our Mission: Clean Production Action designs and delivers strategic solutions for green chemicals, sustainable materials and environmentally preferable products. CPA’s unique role is to translate the systems-based vision of clean production into the tools and strategies NGOs, governments and businesses need to advance green chemicals, sustainable materials and environmentally preferable products. Critical to CPA’s success is working closely with existing networks across the globe, developing new partnerships, learning about emerging technological trends and associated environmental health problems, and developing and communicating essential solutions. It is this combination of collaboration, empowerment and advocacy for a clearly defined vision that is key to achieving the fundamental transformations necessary in our economy. Diversity Policy: Clean Production Action brings people, ideas, and resources together to break down barriers to the creation, promotion, and sustainability of a healthy and just society. Therefore, diversity is core to our organization. We aspire to develop, promote, and sustain an organization culture and reputation as a high performing organization that values, nurtures, and leverages diversity and inclusiveness in all that we do. Clean Production Action is committed to ensuring the diversity of its board, staff, volunteers, and programming. We accomplish this through leadership, values, policies, and practices. We define diversity in terms of race, gender, religion, culture, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical abilities, age, parental status, and socio?economics. We respect different experiences and cultures across this diversity and will work to create a culture in which diverse people feel supported, recognized, and rewarded in making their best contributions to the mission of our organization.


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