Cheeky The Cloth Diaper Co

e are 2 sisters, Jessamie and Abbey, with a soft spot for the earth. We always looked forward to one day being moms, and we wanted natural, environmentally conscious, and (if we could have it all) locally made cloth diapers to put on our little ones. Finding this was a tall order. We we’re tired of experimenting with different brands, while spending a ton in the process, and so Cheeky was born! We Searched for something slim fitting, with ultimate comfort and ease of movement for baby, something that never leaked, and that always smelled clean. Of course we wanted a diaper that placed only natural fibers against our baby’s skin. We were motivated to create a superior product, and found it with the Everyday Diaper. Memories of putting bulky cloth diapers that sat against the belly button on our brand new babes was disappointing. Thus the Newborn Diaper came to life to perfectly fit your precious infant, placing only the softest materials against their new skin. Wanting the best for our babies, and the best for the world they would grow up in, drove us to build our company and products on 3 essential beliefs: an awareness of our carbon foot print, a focus on sweatshop free labor, and supporting labor and the economy here in North America. We centered on creating the most durable, leak free diapers, using the most natural materials available. Having the opportunity to create a product that builds a stronger future for our children makes us proud. At Cheeky we show our love for our babies and yours by making sure that everything we create is sweatshop free, 100% north American made, functional and cute. We value honesty, and prioritize being transparent so that you will always feel comfortable about where your product comes from and what it’s made of. After carefully crafting the closest to nature diapers, organic cloth wipes, and our simple laundry detergent we won’t use anything else for our babies, and we want all moms to have that opportunity. We want to change the world one baby bottom at a time.




10706 129 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T5E 0L4
Phone: (780) 937-9555
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