Chamber Of Marine Commerce

The Chamber of Marine Commerce (CMC) represents the bi-national Great Lakes-St. Lawrence commercial marine industry. Our members are: Domestic and international ship owners and ship operators; Canadian and U.S. ports; Industrial shippers (esp. grain, iron ore, steel, cement, sugar, salt, coal, ...); The St. Lawrence Seaway; Terminals, elevators, and logistics companies; Marine-related companies. The CMC represents approximately 150 companies that rely on marine transportation to deliver products and materiel that serve people all over the world. Grain, sugar, salt, iron ore, steel, stone, cement, aluminum, clothing, furniture, computers, electronics and most consumer goods, ... almost everything, at least in part, has been on a ship. The marine industry is vital to our prosperity by enabling efficient trade within North America and around the world. As the safest, most efficient and environmentally smart method of carrying bulk freight, the increased use of marine transportation alleviates highway congestion, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and is a vital catalyst to overall economic prosperity.





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