Cascadia Gluten-Free Foods

Delicious gluten-free granola and bars made with premium ingredients ... was my solution to breakfast and snacks when my daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease. This granola is exceptionally nutritious. A half-cup serving provides 16% of daily protein, 15% of fibre, 12% of iron and loads of B vitamins and trace minerals. The good fats come from coconut, nuts and seeds and just a little bit from pure olive oil. With yogurt and fruit it's a breakfast that lasts. This granola is easy to digest. It has been baked, which is the first step in making nutrients available for digestion. It's made with honey which, being a monosaccharide, requires little digestive activity. Complex carbohydrates have been minimized. Pasteurized Canadian honey is used for those with decreased stomach acidity or suppressed immune systems. Yes, it’s gluten-free. Ingredients have been sourced carefully. It’s prepared and baked in a gluten-free commercial kitchen. Just to make sure, it has been tested using ELISA technology. It's safe! Besides all that, most ingredients are organic, all are GMO-free, there's no refined sugar and no preservatives. There are four gluten-free products - granola, nut-free granola, granola bars and nut-free bars.





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