Bullitt Foundation

It is the mission of the Bullitt Foundation to safeguard the natural environment by promoting responsible human activities and sustainable communities in the Pacific Northwest. The FoundationÕs resources are modest when compared to the ambitious mission of promoting sustainable development over a huge region. So its role will necessarily be mostly catalytic. The Foundation looks for high risk, high potential payoff opportunities to exert unusual leverage. It has a special interest in demonstrating innovative approaches that promise to solve multiple problems simultaneously. It strives to build the intellectual foundations and political support needed for sweeping innovation. The Foundation focuses on root causes rather than symptoms. It prefers to prevent problems rather than cure them. It seeks to identify the most talented individuals and most effective organizations and empower them to respond to the most important issues facing the region.





600-1501 East Madison Street
Seattle, Washington
USA 98122
Phone: (206) 343-0807
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