BrightLeaf Homes

Build a Forever Home that Offers Everything You Love...and More Home building has a bit of a bad rep when it comes to expectations – many homebuyers expect hassle, delays, inconvenience, and ongoing struggle. Building your dream home should be an adventure filled with happiness and excitement. BrightLeaf Homes works hard to remedy the negative connotation associated with our industry, and focuses on providing the best experience for all of our customers. BrightLeaf offers families the flexibility to match a home and location to their personal preferences and dreams. What is your dream for where you will call home? We are residential builders with a better building process. Plenty of Details, But We’ll Manage Them For You Home building is a process full of details. The goal isn’t to bog down or overwhelm our buyers – the goal is to get to the finish line with clarity, expectations exceeded, and as much sanity as possible! We are sustainable builders who believe transparency throughout the process is not only a nice feature, but also absolutely necessary when it comes to our homeowners. The BrightLeaf home building process includes two distinct phases: Pre-Close (Preconstruction Services) and Post-Close (100 Day Build).





505 Shawmut Avenue
La Grange, Illinois
USA 60526