Born Custom Guitars

We came together around a passion for music and a desire to create exceptional guitars. Playing a guitar that is tailored to you can make a tremendous difference. Our goal is for our guitars to inspire you to make great music - whether you play for a living or play just for fun. Born Custom Guitars was founded in 2011 around the belief that every guitarist deserves access to high-quality, sustainably-built instruments. Instruments as unique as the artist themselves. Building guitars not only requires the consumption of one of our most precious resources wood but traditional building and finishing methods also require the use of some pretty nasty stuff. At Born Guitars, we go to great lengths to ensure that our materials and processes have a minimal impact on the environment compared to those of most manufacturers. Our guitars are built only with woods that are either salvaged, reclaimed, and/or sustainably sourced; our guitars are finished with natural oils or water-based lacquers; our proprietary manufacturing methods allow us to significantly increase the yield on our raw materials, thereby minimizing the amount of wasted wood during manufacturing. In addition to our sustainable material sourcing and manufacturing methods, we do our best to minimize our environmental impact even further by purchasing carbon offsets and by planting a tree for every guitar that we sell in addition to the 100 trees that we plant every year regardless of sales. Instruments that you cant find on the wall at your local music store. After months of planning, designing, prototyping and getting feedback from local musicians, Born officially launched in the spring of 2013.





575 Burbank Street, Unit G
Broomfield, Colorado
USA 80020
Phone: (720) 398-9629
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