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The BMW Group is the only manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles worldwide that concentrates entirely on premium standards and outstanding quality for all its brands and across all relevant segments. Find out more about an exceptional organisation. The world continues to change at a rapid pace. In many countries, individual mobility remains a focus of political regulation and national industrial policy. The shift in society requires new mobility solutions. Volatility has long become a constant in our everyday business. Markets and consumers alike remain uneasy in these periods of economic uncertainty. To meet these challenges we formulated our Strategy Number ONE, which aligns the BMW Group with two targets: to be profitable and to enhance long-term value in times of change. And this applies to technological, structural as well as cultural aspects of our company. Since 2007, we have been implementing various initiatives in keeping with the strategy’s four pillars: Growth, Shaping the Future, Profitability and Access to Technologies and Customers. Our activities will remain firmly focused on the premium segments of the international automobile markets. Our mission statement up to the year 2020 is clearly defined: the BMW Group is the world’s leading provider of premium products and premium services for individual mobility. 2nd Life Battery System at BMW Technology Office USA BMW of North America has installed a Battery Storage system at its Technology Office in Mountain View. It consists of a 100 kW inverter and 8 used battery packs from former MINI E EVs, once driving on California roads. A total of 240kWh lithium iron phosphate battery housed in a shipping container. The system is used for multiple use cases, e.g. Demand Response programs, Peak Demand Shaving, and Photo-Voltaic Energy Storage, and Uninterruptable Power Supply for power outages. The system is fully integrated into an advanced building energy management system, and is connected to a 100 kW solar array as well as a network of EV charging stations, including several DC fast charging stations.





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