Baby Boon!

PASSION: My passion is caring for women and babies. My dream is to translate my expertise caring for patients in the hospital to helping families in their own homes and host informative parentcentered workshops in the community. COMPASSION: As a working mother of 2, I understand the pressure to provide for your family and manage a career. Taking home a newborn was no less daunting for me than the average American just because I was a baby nurse. It’s terrifying! POSITIVITY: I think a healthy dose of humor is good medicine for all of us, even if we’re completely sleep deprived. PROFESSIONALISM: Dealing with people is a pleasure to me and I believe clear communication is the key to satisfying the customer. KNOWLEDGE: As an educator and RN, it is my business to be informed so I can share with YOU what I know. EXPERIENCE: 17 years as a hospital and travel nurse gives me a unique vantage point because I’ve participated in births and provided care to families across the country.




6448 Sherman Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio
USA 45230
Phone: (513) 532-9267
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