American Renewable Capital, Inc.

In 2010, a small group of investors with significant capital and tax equity to invest decided to build a portfolio of commercial solar financings. Five years later, a nationwide portfolio of over 50 systems located from Hawaii to Massachusetts has been built. Although the portfolio was created with the quality equipment and host customers sought by the investors, the size of the portfolio is only a fraction of the solar investment desired. We created American Renewable Capital (ARC) to expand our solar investment and development efforts, by working directly with solar integrator partners to provide comprehensive financing solutions and advice to our customers. ARC has a deep capital base, and its investors bring extensive solar financing and operating experience. This enables ARC to provide a full range of finance offerings delivering the best solution and the best value for each individual customer. ARC was created to differentiate itself from many single-solution banks and financing companies in the market: We offer tax leases, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), capital leases and loans, enabling us to serve both for-profit and non-profit customers, as well as government entities and public schools. We have successfully, consistently financed all sizes of commercial projects. ARCÕs approach is to partner with proven solar integrators to deliver our proven financing capabilities, and ensure we provide reliable solutions to build a satisfied customer base. ARC offers host-customer financing only through a limited list of pre-screened solar integrator partners. We value the local presence, relationships, and execution experience that our integrator partners bring to the table. We support our integrator partners with financial sales training. We provide direct sales support, to ensure our customers clearly understand the benefits and risks associated with undertaking a long-term financing arrangement. ARC is prepared to move quickly to finance our customersÕ projects. Under current law, commercial customers, as well as non-profit customers entering PPAs, have until year-end 2016 to complete projects to qualify for the 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit. More importantly, when our customers invest significant time and energy to evaluate solar projects, they demand that projects be financed and constructed on schedule. ARC has demonstrated a track record of financing solar projects that few in the solar industry can compete with. Once a customer is credit approved (usually less than 2 weeks) and executes contracts, ARC stands ready to finance your project on your schedule. American Renewable Capital addresses the clear market need for comprehensive financial services and customer advice, straightforward financing contracts, and competitive offerings. It is important to ARC that a project is not only a good investment, but that the host customer is completely satisfied with its decision.





San Jose, California
Phone: (415) 715-7628
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