Alqaryon Natural Soap Trading, Inc.

Al Qaryon is a long rooted manufacturer of the renowned Natural Nabulsi Olive Oil Soap for skin and hair, Ancient Industry & old tradition combined with modern techniques. The late Haj Mohammad Abu Rous (1889-1957), founder and manufacturer, single handedly established his soap business in an ancient built factory (built in the year 1780) on the turn of the 20th Century in the heart of the ancient city of Nablus, Palestine; and was considered as one of the monumental figures and practitioners of his time. A man of high spirits and deep rooted ethics, he began marketing Nabulsi 'Shakushein'® trade mark in the historical Palestinian cities and the markets of the neighboring Arab countries, especially Egypt, thus maintaining his reputation as one of the major remaining preservers of this renowned traditional industry. In order to respond to the current market demands, the new generation of Abu Rous family adapted modern market techniques and improved industrial processes while preserving the essence of traditional Nabulsi Olive Oil Soap making. Our vision is to preserve the heritage of Nabulsi Soap as global choice of natural luxury, with the objective of expanding the Nabulsi soap market globally, and further developing our trade and product to engage with international agents and establish fruitful partnerships worldwide.





1500-4 Robert Speck Parkway
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada L5A 3X8
Phone: (416) 823-9436
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