Alan Chemical Corporation

Alan Chemical Corporation has become the largest specialty cleaning chemical supplier to the apartment house market in New York City. Our other customers include hospitals, nursing homes, school systems and industrial facilities. Alan Chemical excels in the areas of floor care, carpet care, odor problems and bacterial enzyme control for compactor and drain malfunctions. Alan's name is synonymous with consistent quality. Our ability to develop innovative, cost saving and problem solving products distinguishes us from our competition. As a specialty chemical company, we do not try and be an "everything" supplier, selling bags, light bulbs, hardware etc. Alan's experienced trained staff are well known for their on-site training programs. Your personnel is instructed in the newest methods of application and the latest techniques of cleaning procedures, dilution controls and the proper use of products and equipment. We strictly adhere to all OSHA labeling requirements. Properly documented Material Safety Data sheets are supplied to all customers.





843 Rahway Avenue
Woodbridge, New Jersey
USA 7095
Phone: (732) 855-6828
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