GreenPages' Writers and Channel Guides

GreenPages Directory is seeking experienced and highly-skilled online freelance Writers and Channel Guides who are credible authorities in their fields, are capable of conveying information with conviction and an entrepreneurial spirit, and have a deep passion for sustainability.

Our goal is to develop a roster of experts with established credentials and highly-regarded reputations to create community content that enhances our directory listings.

How You Benefit

Audience reach
On average, GPD's database attracts thousands of unique visitors per month in North America and is currently experiencing rapid growth. Our community platform integrates into this database and offers Writers and Channel Guides an established audience and the means to grow that audience.

With access to detailed site metrics, you can determine the best strategies to address the needs and interests of our audience.

Career flexibility and development
Our platform allows you the freedom to publish the content you want, when you want. This flexibility allows you to continue other career commitments, and/or use GPD as a foundation for additional opportunities.

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Become a Writer

Writers create original and easy-to-read articles to meet the diverse needs of their readers. Writers must first join the GreenPages Community as a Subscriber before applying to be a Writer.

You possess strong writing and research skills, a thorough understanding of your topic area, and impeccable integrity. You are not required to produce ongoing content. You retain copyright to your articles, and may leverage your established readership to promote your GPD content.

Channel topics include:

Community Channels
Agriculture & Food Home & Garden
Computers & Electronics Human Resources
Conferences, Events & Trade Shows Industry & Packaging
Construction, Development & Real Estate Media, Communications & Publishing
Dining & Entertainment Oceans, Fisheries & Aquaculture
Eco-Innovation Office Equipment & Supplies
Ecosystems, Wildlife & Biodiversity Personal Care & Cosmetics
Energy Remote Communities
Environment & Climate Spirituality & Consciousness
Fair Trade, Finance & The Social Economy Transportation
Fashion & Clothing Travel, Tourism & Lodging
Fitness, Sports & Recreation Waste Management & Recycling
Forestry & Silviculture Water Quality & Water Pollution
Healthcare & Nutrition  

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Become a Channel Guide

Channel Guides are writers who facilitate discussions and moderate comments in both the community and directory to ensure constructive conversations. Channel Guides must first join the GreenPages Community as a Subscriber before applying to be a Channel Guide.

You possess a solutions-oriented mindset, strong research skills and a deep knowledge of your chosen channel. You are available to manage your channel and writers on a regular basis. You may promote your content through GPD-branded newsletters and blogs, and also encourage other writers to join our team.

The Community Channels and related Directory Categories are as follows:

Community Channels Related Directory Categories/Channels
Agriculture & Food Agriculture, Horticulture & Viticulture
Food & Beverage
Computers & Electronics Computers & Electronics
Conferences, Events & Trade Shows Conferences, Events & Trade Shows
Construction, Development & Real Estate Construction
Real Estate
Dining & Entertainment Dining & Entertainment
Eco-Innovation Energy & Environment
Waste Management & Recycling
Ecosystems, Wildlife & Biodiversity Energy & Environment
Energy Energy & Environment
Environment & Climate Energy & Environment
Fair Trade, Finance & The Social Economy Finance
Fashion & Clothing Apparel & Accessories
Fitness, Sports & Recreation Fitness, Sports & Recreation
Forestry & Silviculture Forestry & Silviculture
Healthcare & Nutrition Healthcare & Nutrition
Home & Garden Home & Garden
Hobbies, Crafts & Toys
Human Resources Business & Professional Services
Industry & Packaging Industry
Media, Communications & Publishing Media & Communications
Books & Publications
Oceans, Fisheries & Aquaculture Fisheries & Aquaculture
Office Equipment & Supplies Office Equipment & Supplies
Personal Care & Cosmetics Personal Care, Beauty & Spas
Remote Communities Energy & Environment
Waste Management & Recycling
Spirituality & Consciousness Spirituality & Consciousness
Transportation Automotive & Personal Transportation
Transportation & Public Transit
Travel, Tourism & Lodging Travel, Tourism & Lodging
Waste Management & Recycling Waste Management & Recycling
Water Quality & Water Pollution Water Quality & Water Resource Management

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Selection Process

GPD has a two-phased approach to selecting Writers and Channel Guides.

Phase 1
Applicants submit original writing samples that are assessed for:

  • Subject/industry expertise
  • Writing quality
  • Organization
  • Tone and voice
  • Integrity in writing and research

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Phase 2
Applicants use our publishing tools to create a sample site, using the content created in Phase 1, that is assessed on:

  • Web formatting
  • Navigation
  • Content promotion

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How much experience do Writers and Channel Guides need?
In general, you have gained expertise through several years of experience, study or independent training in your chosen topic area. This experience could come from a professional practice, personal interest, or as an author or journalist.

Who retains the copyright for works produced for GPD?
Contract terms vary depending on contractor type. In cases where the contractor retains copyright to their articles, GPD retains a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, translate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute such content, and to make such content available to other companies, organizations or individuals with whom GreenPages' has associations for the provision of syndicated services.

What level of technical experience and equipment is required?
A computer and internet access are a must. We prefer applicants who have a basic knowledge of HTML, experience with Content Management Systems, in addition to web navigation and formatting skills. Familiarity with site analytics is helpful.

Is there a Writer and Channel Guide Agreement?
Writers and Channel Guides work under our general contract that details our publishing terms and copyright licensing as outlined further in the application process.

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