Green Tick Sustainable

Accreditation Organization: Green Tick Certification Limited

Your product, service, site, or organization meets the Green Tick Standards for Sustainability and Carbon Negative status. Independent Sustainability Certification. Green Tick - The Ultimate Ecolabel. Powerful, obvious, robust and reliable green branding. Proven sales success. Our mission is to provide consumers and companies with a powerful, obvious, independent, and reliable ecolabel for truly sustainable companies, products, sites, and services. Science, not spin. Green Tick - The Ultimate Ecolabel. Powerful – instant consumer recognition, Obvious – everybody understands it, Reliable - world’s first government-approved, LCA-based, independent sustainability certification compliant with environment and consumer laws, Independent – auditors independent of any industry or government, Universal – any product or service anywhere, Global – one certification applies worldwide, Transparent – audit and certification process and Simple – sustainability definition: “operating without permanently damaging the environment.”

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Jurisdiction: Global
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