Green Table

Accreditation Organization: Green Table Network Society

More than 100 operations across British Columbia have discovered the many benefits that flow from having a sustainability plan.  The Green Table Network program is not only designed to bring very affordable, cost-saving, future-friendly solutions to food service operators, but to help operators communicate their efforts to current and new customers and ultimately increase their customer base. The core of the Green Table Network membership is an affordable, innovative online toolkit – a step-by-step guide or green ‘roadmap’ tailored to your operation and business goals. It’s also loaded with bite-sized videos, kitchen-tested tips and other go-to resources to get your team on the right track.  And if you don’t have the bandwidth for ‘do-it-yourself’, your local Green Table Network consultant can provide your restaurant with a top-to bottom sustainability solution at a very reasonable cost.

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Jurisdiction: Canada
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