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Earth Advantage offers a range of green certifications for the residential market from LEED for Homes to Passive House to ENERGY STAR as well as a full suite of our own Earth Advantage Home Certification brand. EA Home Certification includes three levels of certification on new homes (Silver, Gold, Platinum) as well as a certification for multifamily dwellings, and advanced Net Zero and Net Zero Ready certifications. In the spring of 2013 we will launch our EA Remodel certification to address the existing homes market. EA Commercial is designed to green certify mainstream commercial buildings under 100,000 square feet in new construction or deep retrofits. Our mission is to accelerate the creation of better buildings. We use an innovation model that transforms our real-world experience into products and services that advance building performance. Earth Advantage certifies, researches, educates, and incubates to help realize a building industry that harmonizes with the natural environment.

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Jurisdiction: United States
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