People, Planet, Profit: The Rise of Triple-Bottom-Line Businesses

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Colleen Cordes’ State of the World 2014 chapter, “The Rise of Triple-Bottom-Line Businesses,” explores the role of ethical capitalism in the quest for sustainable economies.

Entrepreneurs are beginning to challenge business as usual, infusing ethics into the notoriously ruthless corporate world.

“Put simply, the conventional economic model—amoral capitalism—and the willingness of so many investors and consumers to tolerate it are two of the most challenging threats to preserving a livable human future,” writes Colleen Cordes, a Worldwatch Institute State of the World 2014 contributing author, public policy consultant and director of outreach and development for The Nature Institute of Ghent, New York.

In the last few years, however, public restlessness has been growing as the environmental and social abuses of the conventional economic model are brought to light. And while activists and labor groups, investors and consumers, and national and international nonprofit groups are vying for more corporate transparency, corporations themselves are still the critical players in accelerating the urgently needed transition to sustainable economies.

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