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  • For Business Policy Change, You’re in Charge

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    Filed in Fair Trade, Finance & The Social Economy on by GreenMoney Journal

    Policy makers truly listen and care when businesses move past status-quo statements to show and tell how profit, sustainability and broad prosperity can be achieved simultaneously.

    Public policy is a critical strategy to transform the economy from the sometimes-damaging system it can be today. But if passionate, sustainably minded business leaders are not at the table, only the voices of legacy, profit-at all costs business lobbies will be heard. And our economy and society will suffer.

    Yes, the policy process can be frustrating and time-consuming, but so can business. Good leaders don’t let that stop them. They understand that public policy action takes the same skills business management does: Drive to improve, big-picture thinking, the ability to sell an idea, a long-term planning horizon, intelligent compromise and an accurate assessment of the cost vs. benefit of every decision.

    The business perspective matters – especially to policymakers. Get your voice heard by policymakers – it’s worth it. Tell your sustainable business success story, and advocate for the policies that will move our economy onto a sustainable footing. A lot of American business leaders will be doing the same thing, so you’ll be in good company.

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