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  • “Simple”, I told him, “Get it back”

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    Filed in Energy , Environment & Climate , on by Sierra Club Canada

    The reality is that the market is changing. Climate responsibility aside, Sierra Club Canada Executive Director John Bennett asks,  “is it really wise to stake Canada’s future on dirty, low quality tarry oil that is expensive to produce, expensive to process, expensive to transport and costly to refine?”

    The message Bennett had in his heart when he took part in The People’s Climate March in New York on Sunday, September 21 echoed a speculative conversation he had with an oil executive a few years back.

    Bennett said to the executive that “Canada Ratified the Kyoto Protocol and committed to reduce emission to 6% below 1990 levels and until 2006 Canada had a plan to reach that target. You had your friends throw that away. Get it back. Then get us a commitment to reduce emission continually until Canada and its oil industry have done everything possible to avoid a climate disaster. Then we’ll have a deal.”

    Read more on John Bennett’s blog, originally published on the Sierra Club Canada website (

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  • Ontarians want bee-killing insecticide banned

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    Filed in Ecosystems, Wildlife & Biodiversity on by Nature Canada

    Ever heard of an insecticide called ‘neonic’?  Neonicotinoid insecticides are at the heart of a troubling trend: the decline of bee populations. After an analysis of over 800 research papers, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) concluded that these insecticides are killing bees in record numbers.

    Canadians care about bees and according to a recent poll, 92% of Ontario citizens alone want the government to take action to protect bees. In response, Ontario Nature, an affiliate of Nature Canada, is urging the government of Ontario to ban neonicotinoid insecticides.

    Read more about the poll’s findings on Nature Canada’s website (

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  • Sweden Moving Closer to Zero Waste

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    Sweden is moving toward zero waste by making it possible to recycle 99% of all household waste. Since 1975, the country has moved from being able to recycle only 38% of its household waste to turning the entire country’s household waste into energy.

    By imposing new regulation for recycling stations to be located within 300 meters from any residential area, citizens are taking part by collecting and separating their recyclable waste in their homes and drop off other items to nearby recycling stations.

    Today, there are 32 incineration plants in Sweden which burn more than 2 million tonnes of waste to produce heat for over 800,000 households and generate electricity for 250,000 homes. Since 1985, 99% of heavy metal emissions have been reduced despite the fact that Sweden emits three times more waste today than in 1985.

    ‘We are trying to “move up the refuse ladder”, as we say, from burning to material recycling, by promoting recycling and working with authorities’, Weine Wiqvist, CEO of the Swedish Waste Management and Recycling Association (Avfall Sverige) says.

    Meanwhile, Swedish households keep separating their newspapers, plastic, metal, glass, electric appliances, light bulbs and batteries. Municipalities in Sweden encourage people there to separate food waste beside plastic, glass, ... Read More