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  • Life Cycle Analysis and Environmental Product Declarations: North American Market Analysis

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    With the official launch of the USGBC’s LEED version 4 at Greenbuild Nation in November 2013, Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are becoming hot new topics of discussion. With LEED v4, project teams will be able to achieve LEED credits for conducting a whole building LCA and/or choosing products with a 3rd party validated EPD. The goal behind allocating credits for these options is fostering transparency.

    According to the US EPA, LCA is an integrated concept for managing the total life cycle of products and services towards more sustainable consumption and production patterns.

    How it works:

    • Compile an inventory of relevant energy and material inputs and environmental releases.
    • Evaluate the potential environmental impacts associated with identified inputs and releases.
    • Interpret the results to help you make a more informed decision.

    For manufacturers, LCAs are a way of completely analyzing a product’s environmental impact at each stage of its life cycle: extraction or harvesting, pre-processing, manufacturing, transportation, use, disassembly, re-manufacturing and/or disposal.

    LCAs can be conducted on construction materials, electronics, precious metals, wastewater treatment plants, consumables such as coffee or alcoholic beverages, and software systems, to name only a few examples.

    LCA results can be reported in multiple formats; for some industries such as carpet/flooring ... Read More